Title:  Mind

Author:   Vesky
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  mind

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Mind! you silly thing.
What will it be today?
Moving up, or wandering astray?

Will I fly or drown I wonder.
Every moment you make me ponder.
Higher then high or lower then low.
Will you ever make up your mind and be slow?

Silly mind, would you mind making up your mind?
Its kinda hard to be everything and everywhere!
It makes me tired and is so unfair.

So mind what will you be doing now?
Can you maybe be stable somehow?

Not like a roller-coaster from high to low.
From a tornado to a rolling meadow.
From the deepest night to the brightest day.
Choose one and please stay!

Mind, you troublesome thing!
Stop being so unhinged and swinging!

Mind silly mind,please make up your mind!

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