Title:  Pawns of King

Author:   YoungPhilosopher
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  Evil, Sins, Guilt, God, Dark, Lust

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Mankind are pawns of king,
The pond is pondering,
He follows the King in his rich castle,
The pond is wondering,
The King causes a hassle,
Humanity is squandering,

So in the castle he sees the Universe,
The King’s soul mate the Queen sets a curse,
So she controls fate so obscene.
She plagues man with impurity,
The Bishop benefits from his maturity,

Cleverly, he tells a holy priest,
Suddenly a sadistic beast,
The warrior crosses his way,
Commanded to take the priest away

That’s why until this day.
Man struggles with his beliefs,
Due to these wicked chiefs,
Like the Knight who swore.
To deplore tranquility,
To inevitability
Abolish the meaning of life,
He wipes the blood on his knife,
After he stabs the Bishop in his chest,
Life is a game of chess,

I must confess,
There is evil in all of us.
We love but are cursed with uncontrollable lust,
Man accomplishes, yet he is covetous if he must.

Spurning love and opting Wrath,
It is our own paved path.
Mental sloth allows immorality to grow as convictions,
Vanity represents sum of afflictions,
As envy and gluttony slowly become addictions.
Man feeds upon other men’s’ flesh
Man quenches his thirst by drinking other men’s’ blood.

It’s the inevitable truth,
In this time of youth,
I’m guilty for my sins,
Lost in this innocence,
I am a sadistic.
Sounds a petty and fatalistic,
It’s all because I’m a Man.

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