Title:  Oppressive Soil

Author:   YoungPhilosopher
Category:   Politics
Keywords:  War, Fighting, Violence, Greek, Social, Class, Aristocracy

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In the Agora I stand
In times of civic turmoil
Beneath lies the corrupted land
Of oppressive soil

Today, Athenians listen, as I shall speak
All from my heart and soul
The people feel hopelessly weak
Let us enroll in change executing control

The wicked are rich while the good are poor
Despoiling the man from his rights
Greece has relinquished its grandeur
Since the aristocracy ruthlessly spites

The poor starve while the rich feast
These elites indulge in joy
In grief the poor mourn for those deceased
And their lives the nobles destroy

To the Spartans and Helots victoriously abandon every sword
Abandon every shield and amour
Triumph in this battle yields no reward
Bloodshed does not impose honor

We shall revolt against ruling so unjust
Only than Athens may witness prosperity
Until now we have no trust
Only hope to find solidarity

One pristine day Athenians shall rise
With promised equality
Causing the constitution to demise
This is the immortal Greek Gods’ prophecy

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