Title:  Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Author:   summershutterbug
Category:   Fantasy
Keywords:  stories, life, dreams

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They say that somewhere over the rainbow sits a pot of gold.
If you’re lucky you find it and then take it home.
Sell you’re good fortune, do whatever you like.
Be happy and wealthy and so full of delight.
But I tell you…

Somewhere over my rainbow I hope not to find gold.
I want some peace and happy dreams, and Christmas full of snow.
And somewhere over my rainbow I hope to have new friends.
We’ll hang out together and be all laughter as sadness doesn’t exists.
And somewhere over my rainbow there is meaning in everything.
Only color no black and white.
As angles sing and music rings sharing mercy to those in need.
With nobody taking anything as everyone is so happy.

Somewhere over the rainbow...

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