Title:  at the funeral of the Æsir Baldr

Author:   Ventriloquist
Category:   Mythology
Keywords:  norse legend Loki jotun Frigg Frigga Odin mythology Allfather Baldr death

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Her eyes reflected off of the ship’s flames
as She wrung her lily hands together
choking back a hollowed sob as
Her tears had dried against Her rose cheeks.
He of the one-eye stood beside Her
before having walked beside him
and whispered riddled words into a deaf ear.
the fire swallowed whole him and her
whose heart burst at the sight of his fair corpse
with mistletoe arrow through his chest.
She sought out the Silvertongued
Her son who was not Her son
who had killed Her son.
the Giantess who refused to mourn
stood with hands crossed
watching She who was a harlot.

the mask broke and the Silvertongued laughed.

Comments on "at the funeral of the Æsir Baldr"
Posted by Josh M. Webb on April 14, 2013
Very vivid imagery..and u gotta know the history for this one.. great poem thank you