Title:  They say it's recreational.

Author:   endlessnameless
Category:   Society
Keywords:  terminal, recreational, drunk, drinking, alcohol, useless generation, anger, pain, depression

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Friday night,
It's seven o'clock,
Under the market stalls again,
Out comes a bottle,
In turn they swig,
Determined to get hammered,
The urge to forget,
Born out of sheer regret,
A vicious cycle,
Repeating endlessly,
Rain pours down,
A soaking mist,
Combining with the tears,
Another night,
Another fight,
Lets live,
Where life is cheap not free,
This is living,
For the many,
A pointless apathy,
Nothing more,
Nothing less,
Eternal monotony,
They say it's recreational,
But I can see it's terminal.

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