Title:  Summer Vacation Fun

Author:   KathyB
Category:   Children
Keywords:  fun, summer, friends, vacation, play, imagination

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Summer vacation is finally here,
With endless hours of play.
Get a blanket, and string up a rope, and
- make a fort today.

Run and chase, and ride your bike
Meet your friends at the park.
Catch lightning bugs in a jar at night, and
- watch them light up the dark.

When summer storms chase you in,
Invite some friends to stay.
Find your favorite board games, and
-have a tournament day.

Sometimes you may need time alone to create,
To make pictures, a play, or a poem.
Hang a sign on your door, "Do Not Disturb!"
-ask for 'room service' meals at home.

A magical thing you can do by yourself
Without even spending a dime, is
By reading good books from the library, you can
-travel through space and time.

There are many interesting things you might do
To fill up your summer with fun, but
Your imagination is the key to your happy days
-under the summer sun.

Comments on "Summer Vacation Fun"
Posted by qintarra on October 23, 2012
very nice, nice remaniscence takes me back to my childhood. well done

Posted by gonepostal on April 27, 2012
great picture you've created of a lucky youth. i really liked the "'room service' meals at home".

Posted by kacee1118 on June 14, 2011
this is really great. it puts summertime in a new perspective for all of us adults. Great job!

Posted by RianPitan on June 12, 2011
Wow, I love it! This poem reminds me of a more care free time growing up, especially from the point of view of every child's creative imagination.
Thank you...