Title:  a stranger passing by

Author:   eric88
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  when i see you in passing

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when you see me, when you breathe

when you step upon the crisp Autumn leaves

when you feel me with your eyes so deep

a journey through the given light

do you feel as you see, my soul you seep?

or do you falter, do you struggle, do you fight

am i to you but a passing ray,

a sunset only for this very day

a fellow, a traveler, a momentary wanderer

a clerk, a trader, a moments handler.

am i to you as i suspect,

am i to you what i neglect

am i to you my dearest stranger

but a star in the sky of a million travelers

a moment for which our thoughts may pass,

a second to which our eyes have met

lost again within the mass

found again no time is set

Comments on "a stranger passing by"
Posted by W.T.K on January 03, 2014
Very profound voice inside the poem, it is perfect. Thank you

Posted by GreenDragon on October 24, 2012
Wow, this one is amazing.....Beautiful, truly beautiful, you are a skilled poet, so now you know it...