Title:  The Pirate Sings a Song of Sorrow

Author:   RickNastytheSlayer
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Love, Life, Liberty,

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Hello all,
I bet you wish you were a Pirate
So you could live a lifestyle of freedom
So you could write down all of your feelings
But you're probably an accountant
Crunching numbers
In your downtime reading poetry on these forums
I wish nothing but the best for you
But in all honesty none of us will be
The next Bobby Frost
The next Eddy Alan Poe
Keep dreaming though,
For LeBron won a ring
And the Red Sox won the series
I hope it happens for you soon

As for me
I will be in the forest
Feeding off of salmon like my brothers
Raising cublets like my own

Keep dreaming from that desk
For your poetry, let it never rest
Most importantly try your best
And if it's cold, wear a vest.

Comments on "The Pirate Sings a Song of Sorrow"
Posted by RianPitan on October 05, 2012
Interesting perspective! ...A poem to challenge us all...dream versus hobbie... It's always fun to write and share though!

Posted by magathee on October 05, 2012