Title:   Dreamer Without a Dream

Author:   ilerlily
Category:   Life
Keywords:  drugs, brother, dreams, hopelessness

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I wish that I had never seen
My brother John again--
He was such a quiet type,
A funny sort of man.

He never did much laughing
But sometimes Johnny cried--
And tears came in his eyes
Each time he tried to lie.

He was always serious,
A dreamer to the core,
But the last time I saw Johnny
He couldn't dream no more.

His arms were scarred and withered
With the cruel tracks of dope--
And his eyes were hard and bitter,
Forlorn of human hope.

He craved the prick of needle
Until it ruled his will--
And he turned his pistol on me,
And my brother meant to kill.

The clock upon the mantle
Ticked off my time to die,
But a battle raged within him
And horror filled his eyes:

"Dreams, why did you lead me
To this clinging grasp of dope?
You left, instead of Eden,
A world where's there's no hope."

The gun went off like thunder,
But it wasn't me that fell--
He had turned the gun upon himself
To escape his living hell.

I wish that I had never seen
My brother John again--
His life was filled with dreaming,
But he died a dreamless man.

Beverly Hearn Cook

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