Title:  The Unknown

Author:   ilerlily
Category:   Society
Keywords:  wild violent unloved unknown

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He was wild and he was violent
He was never known to cry--
But when the lawman shot him
Tears were in his eyes. . .

"I never have been loved," he cried,
"No one ever cared--"
And as the young man fought for life
His red blood stained his hair.

"I never meant to hurt no one,"
Came his painful cry--
"I just wanted them to know
That I was alive."

His body shivered with the cold
He died in awful pain--
But the dreadful part about his death:
No one knew his name.

No one claimed his body,
In an unmarked grave he lies--
The purpose of his wretched life
Was the goal he was denied.

Beverly Hearn Cook

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