Title:  Women Like Me

Author:   ilerlily
Category:   Life
Keywords:  aging, love,disappointment, resentment

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Be careful, my darling
Of women like me,
Too old to be pretty
To young to be free
Of the passions that move us
Like the wind and the sea,
Be careful, my darling
Of women like me.

I couldn't resist you,
Though God knows I tried,
And each time I'm near you
A part of me dies--
I'm longing to hold you,
But you only see
A middle-aged matron,
--You've never seen me.

You can't see the heart, dear,
That pounds when you smile,
You can't see the pulse, dear
You cause to run wild--
You can't see the longing
That burns in my eyes
Each time that you happen
To come walking by.

You can't know I love you,
And I never will tell,
Not our friends, or my family
That know us so well--
They can't know I'm burning
With this secret desire
And I'd trade all I have, dear,
For that one night of fire.

Be careful, my darling,
Of women alone
In the shell of a bedroom
In their empty home,
Their children are grown now,
They're often alone,
They want something more, dear,
They are ready to roam.

Be careful, my darling,
Of women like me
Take care not to touch them,
But try hard to see
You're too easy to love, dear
You're so open and free
And age made you better
Unlike it made me--

God knows, it's so ruthless,
This thing we call time,
That left me middle aged
While you're in your prime--
It just isn't fair, dear,
That in this bitter world
Neath a head tinged with gray, dear
Beats the love of a girl.

Beverly Hearn Cook

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