Title:  Drowning

Author:   searchtofindasoul
Category:   Life
Keywords:  sad, drowning, exhaustion,

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In water not so deep.

The surface is right there,

but I just can’t reach.

Legs too exhausted,

They can’t hold my weight.


The water is not even deep.

I’ve stood for too long.

Stayed strong too long.

Been silenced too long.

Mentally damaged, too long.

Endurance, every drop is gone.

My head could reach above water,

I just can’t remember,

How to stand, how to stay strong.

No one can save me,

I’m far too weak.

So I’m drowning,

in water not so deep.

Comments on "Drowning"
Posted by HelpMeBackUp3 on October 14, 2012
This is awesome. You should post more, I would love to read some more stuff from you:)

Posted by searchtofindasoul on October 13, 2012
thank you all so much!

Posted by SierraRaven on October 12, 2012
I absolutely love this poem: The way you formatted it, and repeated "too long", and the metaphor itself are amazing. I'd definitely like to read more. :)

Posted by mherrmann14 on October 12, 2012
The four lines repeating "too long" is brilliant. Really added a lot of power to your piece. Keep writing, I'd like to see more.

Posted by eric88 on October 11, 2012
i like the flow of the poem.