Title:  Drowning

Author:   HelpMeBackUp3
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Sadness Girls relationships breakups

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This sadness is overwhelming
You left me empty
Left without another chance
Why can't you see?

I try to be perfect
Be everything you need
Give you as much happiness as you gave me
But still, I fail to succeed

Now I'm left here
Trying to contemplate what I did wrong
You say it wasn't me
But really, it was me all along

I don't feel played
I don't feel used
I don't feel cheated
I feel confused

I feel like I'm drowning
Sinking to the bottom of my mind
I can't get out
It's so dark, I'm blind.

Now I'm sitting here
Dwelling in my own head
It's not hard to say
You're all I can think about while in bed

The sadness is taking over
It keeps piling on
So dive in and save me
Before I am gone

Comments on "Drowning"
Posted by Zaza on March 16, 2018
This poem is awesome! I love the way you dispose the ideas.

Posted by RobinRebirth on September 15, 2017
You have the words so magnetizing my eyes were really set on every word greatly penned

Posted by moontigerntn on February 15, 2016
wow! nicely written - rhymes well.

Posted by Wrangwar on September 27, 2014
I feel like I really could've related to this, when I was twelve

Posted by Coltenevans on June 19, 2014
Great poem. Check out mine. I'm 15 years old and never wrote until a week ago. But I was told I had a gift and I want to share it

Posted by OTownPete on April 21, 2014
When given over to confusion situations can make us feel exactly like this.

Posted by thedarknesslieswithin on March 22, 2014

Posted by Janazar on February 03, 2014
I really like the 'I don't' verse. The rest is very good, but that part will stick with me.

Posted by deeja on September 04, 2013
wow... superb.. !!

Posted by SongChild21 on August 06, 2013
Great technique, good use of poetic license. Love it from start to finish. It really touched my heart