Title:  Nobody Can Understand

Author:   summershutterbug
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Just life

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She’s a girl that only listened,
Rarely talked and kept things hidden.

Secrets came from deep within,
But she had no trust for those who seek it.

Her legend began right from the start,
The loses’, separations, all troubling things to the heart.

Her goodbyes, and many tears cried,
The move, school, drama from everywhere she’d go.

The headaches so nauseating, the heart pain so real,
Nobody could feel her sorrow, nobody could understand.

Within this pain came something to gain,
She learned of reality and all its wows.

But this would only help her grow.
She knew real love and sacrifice.

She knows of honesty, bravery, and might,
With each midnight came new daylight.
She would always learn how to be strong,
After everything seemed to go wrong.

Even in this positive perspective,
She would never tell.
Because after all,
Nobody could understand.

-For my foster siblings♥

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