Title:  a girl i know

Author:   eric88
Category:   Thoughts
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alone she sits, darkened room, moonlight encased

upon the window, a chair she thrones, peering amongst the stars

holding onto what she deems is owned. a fate like no other, all her own

only glass only the sill. only an outreached hand to the fields

only the thoughts and only the fears, separates her. binds her, keeping her surreal

an angel encased in an hourglass room, broken, alone, she feels untrue.

Comments on "a girl i know"
Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 03, 2012
My teenage years in six lines. Gentle. Powerful.

Posted by eric88 on October 21, 2012
thanks, i'm honored you like it

Posted by SierraRaven on October 21, 2012
I can really relate to this.
Good job:)