Title:  Wearing the Mask

Author:   prophetword
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  darkness,psalm,bible poetry

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The world spins and acts so bold,
Then they ask why I'm cold.

Never being worth my while,
Is the face that fakes a smile.

Never pleasing my anxious mind,
Beauty and the beast is all I find.

Late at night it feels so eerie,
From the days that are so dreary.

Hoping that it eases my will,
I swallow down another pill.

Vacation home... they sit inside,
Like they need a place to hide.

I watched as I became so full,
While the others grew so dull.

Hiding like a rabbit from a fox,
They break down like a cardboard box.

They mesh and drip like a melting pot,
So therefore their minds will surely rot.

I cannot think of a single day,
That I have not been led astray.

The darkness makes me feel so wrong,
And I pray it plays another song.

My head drifts away like a lonely cloud,
Hiding from the voices which play too loud.

I have no purpose other than to pass the time,
And surely that's the reason why I rhyme.

Like a drifter cast of stone,
I crack and dry all alone.

Finally then He comes to ask,
And only then I remove the mask.

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Posted by jmang33 on October 29, 2012