Title:  Infernus

Author:   prophetword
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Bible,Psalm,Tribulation,Revelation

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Knowing things work as they do,
I still felt I hadn’t a clue.

For those whom I admire,
Had felt thy fire.

The skies poured down with rain,
And then came the true pain.

Evermore was I only wrong,
For it only played a certain song.

Those who afflict the wrath,
Have only their own path.

Seeing the fires heat and simmer,
Made the lies only grow dimmer.

Seeing the heat dance around the sheep,
Finally then I was able to sleep.

The tears I have shed,
Were all but bled.

The inferno was dining,
But the sun was still shining.

Soon many more will run,
And only then will it be done.

The beat is being churned,
So lessons can be learned.

The great heart of fire,
Beats only from my desire.

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