Title:  Truth and Despair

Author:   prophetword
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  Bible,Psalm,Tribulation,Revelation

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For whom does ye follow,
That is not completely hollow?

The voice that sets to aspire,
Is the one who seeks to conspire.

The bridge that has been built,
Remains to comfort like a quilt.

The chosen people seek the right way,
While the damned continue to go astray.

What is it that drives the collective mob,
To endure the times as a worthless slob?

The very lusts of the cold heart,
Be the pillar of the righteous smart.

Take it from the times that are at hand,
That now be the time to join the right band.

The faithful attest to the very best,
While the lost join the forsaken rest.

The lamb be grand over all,
When the dim tend to only stall.

Holy law seeks to free them all,
Yet they cower and drop the ball.

Wrath clouds and tends to bind,
While truth only frees the mind.

Let it be that the wicked cease,
And only truth that begins to please.

Fortune and glory for the righteous man,
And pain and agony for the wicked plan.

The tainted hand that has caressed,
Will not be the one that’s blessed.

The wicked will continue to bleed,
When the righteous are truly freed.

The devil continues to cower,
While truth blossoms like a flower.

The holy lamb continues to weep,
Yet the growing mass is still asleep.

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