Title:  i wish

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
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a weathered board put out to dry, amidst the outdoors, the Lilly rye.

a board beaten and weathered, cracked dried, broken and tethered

i see her place it amongst the grass

amongst the dirt, amongst the mounds

a face dare i shed, a thought dare i amass

of what comes to this board of what comes to the sounds

the laughter it brought the happiness it abounds

but for now it lies, translucent with the dirt,

alone and forgotten

bringing itself to the earth

but for what is earth other then a silent vessel

what is time but a linear lesson

knowledge abides and moments caressed

but only to her mothers arms to which is soon digressed

my board i wish i kept, but whose parents are at rest?

knowing the board abides inside, no that cannot oblige

house rules design but a rule for which is sacred

play the board but realize it's a mirage.

enter and exit forever naked.

Comments on "i wish"
Posted by eric88 on October 24, 2012
thank you very much. a lot people didn't understand where i was getting at in this poem but i'm glad you focused on the undertone of it, thats exactly what i was trying to convey.

Posted by GreenDragon on October 24, 2012
Wonderful poem! I realy like the vivid imaginary and the way you have discribed it all. The Earth is sacred to me and we should be grateful for the lessons She can give us....