Title:  Rede of Trees

Author:   GreenDragon
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Nature, reflection

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I stand by thee
Auburn leaves
Emerald sky

A traveler on a lost highway
An empty vessel lost at sea
Seasonal symphony united in me

From the earth below
Comes a subtle sound
Rolling itself forward
Over the ground

Stars sing their way
Lightwinged birds lull the living
Dance the dead
Walk the blind

Somewhere in the middle
We will meet
Worlds of words at my feet
I seek silently

Emerald sky
Auburn leaves
I stand by thee

Comments on "Rede of Trees"
Posted by GreenDragon on October 24, 2012
Thank you very much for your feedback Eric.
Much appreciated! I had a look at your poetry and liked what I read. Some of the imaginary in your poetry are themes I have written about as well....

Posted by eric88 on October 23, 2012
awesome poem. this is a style that i love