Author:   GreenDragon
Category:   Spiritual
Keywords:  this is about the sami people who live noth in scandinavia

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Out in the meadows
On virgin fields
Frost lies
As vapourising breath
From a dragons mouth

The wheels of time
Are shifting
Lifelines keep me
From drifting

His is the hooved road
His is the road no others see
He speaks in riddles
He sings his trails

Enchanted by the dancer
Of the sunlight snow
The necromancer
Plays his drum

As the beating
Is united
With the sound
Of fleeting deer

He speaks so clear
Of footprints
In the dust of time
Of things left behind

There...There is no room for us
Left in this place
Of human race

In the palm
Of your hand
Lays the fractured truth


With it.......?

Comments on "SAMI PRAYER"
Posted by GreenDragon on October 25, 2012
thanks a lot, the Sami people are like the natives of Scandinavia, they have their own language and culture which is being supressed by the government.

Posted by eric88 on October 25, 2012
love the imagery. felt like i was there. awesome job