Title:  Never letting me be me

Author:   darkest secrets
Category:   Society
Keywords:  soicity

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My head is breaking
Gravity is pushing
Upon my cranium
With an iron rock

Not loosening up
Never letting me go
Not allowing me to breath
Never letting me be me

My arms are chained down
Grinding away at my soul
Unity is forgotten
While you watch bleed out

They will not stop it
They'll never release me
They will not let me speak
They'll never let me be me
-Darkest Secrets (S.Lynn)

Comments on "Never letting me be me"
Posted by darkest secrets on November 02, 2012
I'm really trying to I had a good part but I erased it, because I second guessed myself. I fell this way because all my life I have been told to be what others want of me and not be me. I've been trying to stray away and be myself though at times i feel the only way people will like me is if I'm what they want me to be. I'm really not aloud to have my own thoughts or options at school and home so I just feel trapped all most all the time.

Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 02, 2012
Why do you feel this way? Do you see yourself or 'they' being in the wrong? How does not being 'me be me' affect you? I like what is written so far. Please finish it.