Title:  Strong!

Author:   darkest secrets
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  strong, experienced this

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Broken families
With broken dreams
Forever lost
Never seen
Life is breaking down
Though my head stays up
No tears shall fall
No blood will drip
Hidden behind a wall
No one shall break
I will stay strong
Oh so strong
Why should i whine about me
There are others in need
Others with broken souls
Others with shattered fantasies
So i will keep a smile tonight
Though i wish to curl up and cry
I will stand up making myself feel strong
Though i wish to crumble to the ground
I WILL stay strong
Oh so very strong
No mater how rocky the shores get
No matte how rough the storm is
My head will stay up
My smile will stay on
I will be strong!
-Dark Secrets (S.Lynn)

Comments on "Strong!"
Posted by darkest secrets on December 09, 2012
thank you teardrops and unknown girl.

Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 24, 2012
Be strong whilst you can, but remember that if time to time we don't bend we may break.
Why 'whine about me'? If we don't care about ourselves we can never truly care about others.
Now, that is advice I should listen to sometime.
Really good strong poetry. I like it.

Posted by teardrops falling through my head on November 22, 2012
I love this