Title:  no freakin clue

Author:   eric88
Category:   Life
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an intricate level may amuse the crowd, bring the laughter, satisfy the masses

an intense delay, a favorable challenge, a maze of faulty proportions

that's what they desire, whats expected from me

but what would be of me if the road was not deep but tragic

what if i chose the profession of contortion

for there i see a sea of trees, uprooted by none, all for me

what if the road was easy to take, one of no obvious mistakes

translucent is the hope i bare, what i see is what i wear

for you i hope can see the day, where love is lost and yet found with no delay

what if it my dream was not a dream at all

beloved dreams becoming of us all

if only to stop and believe for a breath

that what we see what we thrive is what we get.

Comments on "no freakin clue"
Posted by GreenDragon on November 01, 2012
Makes me think of a song with the lines...
"Between thought and expression, lays a lifetime"