Title:  A cigarette at night

Author:   jmang33
Category:   Thoughts
Keywords:  sad

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maybe I enjoy feeling this way, it's the sound of the sax, the omnsicient feeling in the air, just waiting for everything to go wrong. I want to be put in the moment, where everything is wrong and I have no hope left...I like that...I want that. Fire in hand. I should let it light the world and cleanse it, but psychosis fades....so the flame gets put out. Human beings have faked being sane for so long. It's time for us all to shed tears of scarlett... and the rain will pour. Let it rain. It all ends in the West.

Comments on "A cigarette at night"
Posted by McLenn718 on November 06, 2012
very powerful. I like it!

Posted by JozzyC on November 04, 2012
Beautiful. Gave me Great pictures.

Posted by GreenDragon on October 29, 2012
This is a very nicely scripted piece, its deep melancholic voice reaches out through it...
I really like it a lot!