Title:  Scarred Scared Sacred.

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Pain, past, future hope.

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Scarred Scared Sacred.

The past perverted left its scar.
Soulless blackened and tainted.
To forgive or condemn, much too hard.
Degraded, darkened and emptied.
So construct a front, a fine façade.
A mausoleum for the mind.
Bury the spirit in its own graveyard,
Enshrouded, entombed, enshrined.

Looks to the future to find its scared
Of the lonely life that’s tomorrow.
Can’t dream the dream, has despaired,
A nightmare screaming with sorrow.
Limp listless through life unprepared
To the fate that can’t be postponed.
To a time ahead that wont be shared
And destiny’s death alone.

But the present it is sacred.
The place where I belong.
No longer feeling self hatred,
No cares that I am wrong.
Nobody sees I’m timid.
I move from shade to bright
Colourful life where I am vivid.
From darkness into the light.

(This poem was written over a couple of days where I switched from low to high. The tempo change in the third verse I hope conveys this).

Comments on "Scarred Scared Sacred."
Posted by Just.A.Girl on November 15, 2012
I like the "ABAB" format in it! Your word choices are really strong and well crafted. I tend to write my poems over multiple days too! Gives you a fresh sight on the words. Beautifully done!