Title:  Smoke Rings.

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  fear

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Smoke Rings.

Blowing smoke rings in the sun,
Watch them drift and see them run.
Watch them float in a clear blue sky
And dream and wish and pray they fly.

Watch the clouds, the shapes they make.
Look to see the forms they take.
Quietly sliding without a sigh,
Always change, what reason why

Into shapes of loath and hate.
Can’t stop them now. Those shades of slate
Swirl in a flat grey grain.
Once more merge to mirthless rain.

The fear the dread of lightening strikes
That flash and cut not once but twice.
Just shy away to dodge one drop,
Shake and wait for thunder’s stop.

Will the biting wind always blow?
Chilled and cold I find I know.
The storm that raged has burnt and passed,
Drenched or drowned. Not sure, I ask

Is it time to leave, to run and hide?
Keep me safe, in me, inside?
In my cave, my cage, my lair
Knowing that I can’t be there

To blow the smoke rings to the sun.
I felt its warmth, but now its gone.
The wisps of me that floated by,
I saw them fade. I watched them die.

(My first real poem, the first couple of verses are just slow day dreaming of life gone by).

Comments on "Smoke Rings."
Posted by Steven Croat on April 14, 2013
Well written!Good job!I like your rhymes :)

Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 03, 2012
A friend looked over this poem and said much the same thing. He suggested that I rewrite the first two verses. I did try. I managed to change one word (in verse four). It's difficult, it is the first real poem I ever wrote. I suppose I know it to well and it is my baby.

Posted by eric88 on November 03, 2012
really like this one. the last four verses are my favorite