Title:  Alice Through The Looking Glass

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Introspection, Self Hatred.

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Alice Through The Looking Glass.

Alice stared in the looking glass. All lies glared straight back.
As much as Alice tried and tried her mirror would not crack.
She gleamed as she smiled, all dignity and charm.
All lies lay within her. Ever cold, never calm.
“Gaze at you if you wish, to make me disappear.
Try and try and try and try, I will still be here”.

Alice glimpsed into the mirror and sang a happy song.
All lies lurked inside to tell her she was wrong.
“I want to be me and happy. I think I can. I will”.
All lies sat within her, silent, brooding still.
She smoothed and stroked her hair, put on a little pout.
“The people they do love me, of that there is no doubt”.

Alice gazed into the mirror, to see her clear blue eyes.
Something dark was in them or was that just all lies?
She smiled at her reflection, applied bright red lipstick.
“Oh paint your pretty face, just who you trying to trick?
The world outside sees through you. I think you know it’s clear.
And try and try and try and try, I will still be here”.

Alice probed into the mirror, no other could compare.
“Look beneath the surface if only you would dare”.
“I’ve stood up strong and faced the world, that you can’t deny”.
“Are you sure you’ve done those things, or is it just a lie”?
She felt the fear and anguish and waited for the blink,
The searing pain of knowledge that pushed her to the brink.

Alice fell through the looking glass where everything’s reverse.
“Welcome to the real you, does it feel perverse”?
“Outside I am angelic, inside I am obscene”.
“You fell into your mirror, the life that’s always been.
You wouldn’t listen to me, I told you, you should fear.
Don’t try and try and try and try, I am always here”.

Alice should have never looked so deep.
All lies.
She would never sleep

(A poem of self hatred where I know what I am. It still makes me cry).

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Posted by eric88 on November 02, 2012
my favorite so far. wow