Title:  Welling Up

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  Tears Fears

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Welling up.

When the well of hope is squeezed ‘til dry
All that’s wet is the tear that’s cried.
When those trusted mislead and lie
Constrained content drains and dies.

The well of hope in the depths of me
Evaporates to dust. Is now empty.
A lifetime spent to fill it high
Has ebbed away and now it dies.

The well’s water so clear and cool
So much more than their cesspool.
Left their effluent, they’re satisfied.
An oasis wasted has dried and died.

So now I cry, I cry for me,
Liquid life flows to the sea,
The river’s end, I meet the tide.
I’ve haven’t lived, how could I die?

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