Title:  Trance

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Tired

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I’m tired,
Sick to the core
And sore.
Head dull and life dull
Dismal dull once more.

But you’ll never guess
When I smile,
Smile and sing and dance.
I smile whilst in this trance

Cos I’m tired.
Mind full of nothing
And weary.
Slow moves and no moves,
Moving nowhere clearly.

But they’ll never guess.
Though I smile,
Play the fool and dance,
I smile forever in this trance.

So I’m tired
Body’s distracted
And dazed.
Sleep less and sleepless
Sleepwalk in a haze.

I never let them guess.
Yes I smile,
Spun around I dance,
I smile forever in this trance.

Comments on "Trance"
Posted by eric88 on November 02, 2012
really like this one a lot. I can relate to the feeling and the way you describe it was wonderful.