Title:  Unknown Memories.

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Loneliness family death memory

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Unknown Memories.

Longing for her timeless face
Lingering in a mortal space
Searching through vacant days
Life vacant of the warm embrace

Through eyes of memory tears
Stretch back to those few years
To the only who held me dear
Held innocent and knew no fears

And remember back all the while
The friendly loving warming smile
Born every inch carried every mile
Carried through adversity's trial

Whilst cradled in arms of calm
And shielded away from outside harm
Now kept away from her graceful charm
Graceful angel, shepherd, psalm

But those days they are no more
Whatever are these memories for
To keep me til I wash upon her shore
Drowned ashore and at her door

Where once more we will meet again
Heaven's rediscovered a love so plain
And in warm enfolding arms remain
Forever remain at the end of pain.

(Many many times I have tried to write this poem. I still am not happy with the result. It needs to be so much more.....)

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