Title:  Mask.

Author:   A Girl Unknown
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  Hiding

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This mask of mine I wear
I wear it very well
Look. You’ll never see the join
Clearly you won’t tell

I wear it as I need to hide
The mask is my disguise
Look at it really close
But not into the eyes

My eyes I have to shy away
And turn them from your view
Search for your reflection
All you see is you

The rest of me is covered
Screened behind the smile
I let you think you know me
Whilst hiding all the while

I cloak my inner feelings
A shroud around my soul
I wonder do you see that
I’m hidden holed up whole

Unveiled bright eyes flash
Then close to blanket stare
Try to search the depths of me
But am I truly there

Strange, there’s nothing hidden
Nothing you could find
But for the dark dank depthless
Murked mantle of my mind

This screen I wear is a lie
Or is it really true
If you guess try find me
I’ll never let you through.

This mask of mine I wear
I wear it all the time
Outside is for anyone
Inside is only mine.

Comments on "Mask."
Posted by Just.A.Girl on November 05, 2012
The alliteration used is pretty powerful, as is the message! I think way too many of us can relate to these words. Sometimes it's ok to hold up a tough front, but only as long as we're able to let down the barrier every once in awhile too!! Great poem!

Posted by paigezubel on November 04, 2012
Very relatable. Also, powerful. And, you know, awesome.