Title:  Mitt Romney: Closing the Deal

Author:   fostercare
Category:   Politics
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My contract with America is a gentlemen hand shake.
I like it this way since my deals in writing assure I have my cake.
Promises are what you do to satisfy for closing the voter take.
When the election is over you will see what I will make.

Yes, I will proceed to gather the ingredients to bake.
Into law I shall leave major change in my wake
Do not think of me as a salesman you call a snake.
That is bad manners calling me a fake.

America is an opportunity in which I will open the gate.
If you believe as I do, come sit and eat from what I serve on the dinner plate
Some would say I support those who hate.
I answer no that only a few controversial are invited to the lake.

So I close by asking one last time, to let me add you to my supporter rack.
It’s necessary to use any tool possible to put voters in my sack.
For without your help the number of voters will dwindle as I rake.
And I will be left standing needing to take a bath and go to the betting track.

V oting
O pportunity
T uesday
E lection

Comments on "Mitt Romney: Closing the Deal"
Posted by jmang33 on November 03, 2012
Good rhyming scheme. Well worn territory though haha