Title:  Sunken.Rooftops.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Pain, Greed, Torture, Hate, Sad, Depression, Anger, Death, Murder, Blood

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Fall Over Cliffs,
Bound By Chains.
Slit The Throat Of Insanity,
Cry Out In Pain.
Fall To Your Knees,
In The Pouring Rain.
Scream Out In Desperation.
Grit Your Teeth,
'Till They Break.
Feel The Sensation
Of Blood Running Down Your Chest,
From Clenched Jaws.
Kiss The Lips Of Death
While You Push Me Aside.
Leave A Bloody Trail,
Your Fate Shall Be Circumcised.
Cut Short, As Short As My Breath.
Pelted In Hail,
Reeking Of Meth.
Senses Destroyed,
Not Much To Live For.
You Killed Me Once,
Time To Even The Score.
Chew Through Your Lips In Anticipation.
Feel The Sensation,
Of A Knife To A Heart.
Make Designs In The Crawling,
Puddle Of Blood.
Make Your Own Piece Of Twisted Art,
As You Fall Over Cliffs,
Bound By Chains

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