Title:  He.Was.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Love
Keywords:  love, scared, first, emotion, feeling, bloom, right

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He Has No Idea.
I'm To Scared To Tell Him,
How Much I Like Him..
How Often He Gives Me Chills,
With Just A Gentle Stroke Of The Hand.
He's Kind, And Unselfish,
He Has My Heart In His Hands..
How Long Before He Squeezes It?
Watches The Blood Pour Out,
And Clean The Remainder With Fragile Finger Tips..
His Lips Are Soft;
His Skin Is Smooth;
His Hands Are Cold;
Intensifies My Chills..
He Makes Me Quiver,
He Makes Me Smile..
I Can't Help But Have A Burning Devotion.
And I Know I Can't Help Myself,
I Love Him..
And Honestly,
He's Worth The Agony, The Pain.
He's Worth More Than The Gold, The Silver..
He's Worth More Than The Stars,
Than The Rose's Bloom.
He's Worth It To Me.
And If I Die From Loss,
Just Let God Know,
I Fell In Love...

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