Title:  If.Only.We.Were.Carebears.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  Lies, Trusted, Gone, Dead, Away, Ignorance

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It's Impossible To Trust,
When All You Hear Is Lies.
Foul Language From The Wretched Lips Of Sinners,
Attention Seekers.
They Ask For Forgiveness,
Because Of Their Manipulative Ways.
I Curse Their Name As I Cry Out In Desperation.
Murder. Love. Lust.
It's All Lies.
You Twist Your Tongue
To Voice These Opinions.
I Strongly Urge You To Back Off.
I'm Cornered And Scattered,
No Shadows Will Hide Me.
Gullible. Pain, Torment.
Who I Am, What I Feel.
They Feel Powerful.
They Feed Off Others Sorrow,
Those Who Wept For Them.
How Could You Ever Know,
They Are Capable Of
Pulling You Under.
Sinking Their Teeth Into Your Memory.
Reminding You Of Your Wretched Past..
I Claw At My Head,
Scream Out In Rage.
Tears Burn Down My Cheeks.
I'm Tired Of Their Puppet Mastery.
Give Me Flesh,
Not Rotting Wood..

Comments on "If.Only.We.Were.Carebears."
Posted by eric88 on November 03, 2012
love the amount of emotions you put into this. very powerful. great work