Author:   lonesome dove
Category:   Life
Keywords:  Pain

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Who’s that woman, who stands in the mirror?
She cries for help, but no one hears her.
The image on the other side,
Reflex the pain she holds inside.

She has a look of despair applied on her face,
As she looks at her body from head to waist.
Who’s that woman, who stands in the mirror,
Why is it so hard for people to hear her.

She looks in the mirror and asks herself why?
Because she feels like life has passed her by.
Her skin of bronze and her long black hair,
But deep inside she feels no one care.

She probes for questions that’s in her mind,
But the answers she can not even find.
Who’s that image in the two glass,
Is it my present, is it future or is it past.

So much turmoil in her inner soul,
That it’s making her emotion so hard and cold.
Who’s this woman that I can see,
It’s hard to believe that this image is me.

You see her in public and could never tell,
That deep inside, she’s going through hell.
She smiles and takes the punches and blows,
And comes to the conclusion that’s the way life goes.

Written by
lonesome dove
July 11. 2006

Posted by A Girl Unknown on November 04, 2012
Only those that can feel feel pain and only those can feel true joy. Beautifully written.

Posted by eric88 on November 04, 2012
very well written. such mystery