Title:  You'll.Kiss.Me.Then.Never.Miss.Me.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Loved, Hate, Pain, Blood, Death, Torture

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I Watch Behind You.
I Guard Your Back.
I Slink Forward,
Ready To Attack.
I Taste Your Blood,
Truth Is What You Lack.
I Hate You.
That Is Proven Fact.
You Kill Me,
With Every Cut Off Sentence,
I No Longer Want Your Reasoning.
I Want To Make Immense.
I Want To Explore A Trance, Worth Inviting,
I Need You To Die.
I Need You To Want Me.
I Want To Die.
I Want To Need You.
Am I Strong Enough To Say Goodbye?
It's Never Enough.
For Me.
For You.
This Is My Cue.
I Kill You,
I Eat Your Veins.
I Savage The Blood.
And Gain Immortality.
Kill Me Please.

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