Title:  .Forget.What.We.Had.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Personal
Keywords:  Break up, goodbye, lost, pain, sadness, depression

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I Hope You Burn Every Poem I Ever Wrote You.
I Wasn't Good Enough,
With My Smeared Makeup, And Messy Hair.
This Is The Night I Rue,
This Is The Night I Suffer.
I Melted The Dragon,
Burned The Last Candy Cane.
You May Even Consider Me Insane.
But You Blame Yourself,
For Being You.
I Love(d) Who You Are.
But Love Is A Mystery.
Love Snickers In My Face,
Bites My Fingers.
Leaves Me Sore With Rememberance.
My Sadness Lingers..
No Blade Can Save Me,
Nor Guns, or Pills.
I Received (Love) From A New Friend.
Something You Thought You Could Do,
But Never Will.
Your Lies Reek Something Rotten.
I Knew Something Was Wrong,
From The Two Dates Forgotten.
You Hurt Something Strong,
But This Is Not My Last Poem.
Nor, My Last Goodbye,
Even Though These Memories Are Burned Into My Skull.
And I Will Never Forget,
The Rose I Will Never Get,
From The Person Who Was Supposed To Love Me Most.
My Sadness Lingers..
But I'm To Strong To Say.

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