Title:  .Shouldn't.Wouldn't.Couldn't.Didn't.Doesn't.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Lost, Love, Gone, Hate, Sad, Depression, Anger, kiss, dissed, heart, pain, suffering

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I Hope I Was His Last Kiss.
Even Though I'm His First.,
Even Though He Once Filled Me With Bliss,
Because He Tore Me Apart.
I Hope My Taste Lingered On His Lips..
I Hope He Remembered The Feel,
of His Finger Tips On My Hips.
Because He Hurt Me.
And He Doesn't Care Anymore,
If He Ever Did..
Even If He Could See,
He Wouldn't Ever Believe.
Because He Had To Make Everything
So Fucking Difficult.
I Just Wanted To Understand Him..
But He Wouldn't Let That Happen,
No Matter What I Said.
I Know I'm Ugly.
I Know I Was Never Good Enough.
He Didn't Need To Shove That In My Face.
I Wish I Could Take Back
Every time I Blushed..
And Every Finger Trace..
I Cared To Much Apparently,
Because He Hurt Me.
Like Everyone Else I Thought I Loved..
Even Though He Promised,
He Used Me.
When I Thought He Liked Me.
He Reminded Me of How I'm Worthless..
How I'll Never Be Beautiful,
Like The Other Girls Will.
I Can't Help But Pulse With Sadness Or
When I Hear That Name.
Because I Know,
Nothing Will Be The Same..
I'm Such A Shame..
I Shouldn't Have Kissed Him..

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