Title:  Drowning.In.Your.Puddles.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Love, Life, Rain, Puddles, Kiss, Hands, Gentle, Right, Numb

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Would You Kiss Me In The Rain?
Trail Your Fingers Across My Lips?
Leave Me Numb And Senseless,
Without Pain?
Wrap Your Hands Around My Hips?
Would You Cry A Stream of Tears?
Live The Roses's Dew?
Am I Smart Enough For You?
Would You Ever Hurt Me,
Like Everyone Else Has?
Would You Try To See Me,
Or Leave Me In The Past?
I Ask Plenty of Questions,
Mostly Unanswered.
For No one Is Quite Sure of What They Believe,
Or If It Will Cause Problems In The Future.
And Are These Problems Worth It?
Will Our Hearts Stay Pure?
Darling, I Like You.
And It Makes Me Scared Sometimes
To Feel Anywhere Close To How I Felt.
And Being Careful Not To Cross The Line.
But I, I Want To Take A Chance,
Ask For A Dance,
And Maybe A Kiss
So I Can Feel That Bliss Just Once Again,
Even If We're Just Friends..
I'll Care For You.
Love You As Much As Possible,
Even If It Hurts Me In The Long Run.
I Want Your Hands Wrapped Around My Hips,
Your Finger Tips On My Lips..
I Want You To Kiss Me In The Pouring Rain..

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