Title:  .Writing.Is.The.Best.Medication.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Pain
Keywords:  Sorrow, Pain, Confused, Angry, Suicide, Friends, Family

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Lately I've Been Hard To Call On.
My Face Is Flushed,
My Hands Are Sweaty.
So I Write Another Song, To Balance My Sorrow.
It Seems Like,
Everyone I've Loved Wants To Die.
Everyone I Wish I Could Hate,
I Rely On.
It Hurts To Look In The Mirror Now,
Without The Urge To Gouge Out My Eyes.
Pupils Dilated,
Heart Rhythm Faster,
Pulsating, Sore.
Love Wrenches My Core.
God Must Punish Me,
I've Done Wrong.
Loved The Wrong Person,
Lost The Right Soul.
For Once I'm Icy Cold,
Chilled To The Bone.
I Swore It'd Never End.
I Don't Deserve Any Friends..
As I Cringe With Disgust, At Myself.
Please Tell Me How To Fight If It Is Impossible,
To Do Right On Anybody's Behalf..

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