Title:  .Boys.Must.Think.They're.As.Wise.As.Owls.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Angst
Keywords:  Cheated, Harlot, thought, maybe, why?, hurt, pissed, angry, enraged, tearfull

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You Said That
You Wanted To Stay Friends.
How Is That Going To Happen,
When You Don't Even Return My Texts.
All I Would Do Is Twist And Bend My Back For You.
You Went Back With The Harlot.
You Wish You Could Hate Her.
I'm Scared That You Do Not Know What Love Is,
Neither Do I Dear,
And Apparently, She Doesn't Either.
The Difference Is That,
You Can't Trust Her.
You'll Always Have Doubt.
I Never Lied To You,
And Never Will.
I Don't Use My Body As Payback.
She Used You And Your Giving Her Another Chance,
And You Think That Is Going To Work Out?
Maybe Your Not As Smart As I Thought.
And The Worst Part..
I Thought I Liked You More Than The Last Bastard..
Way To Prove Me Wrong Again.

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