Title:  .My.Love.Is.Not.Flesh.,.It's.Paper.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Inspirational
Keywords:  Love, Life, Writing, Poetry, Ink, beautiful, beats, free, passion

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What Makes This Beautiful?
Words Without Music;
Without Beats.
Opinions, Raw And Unfiltered.
Unjustified, Not Complete.
Could Be Self Centered,
Could Be Giving.
Could Be Immortal,
Could Bring Death. (Satisfaction?)
We Fight For What We Love.
I Fight For Words To Be Written.
Vows To Be Made,
On A Wrinkled Piece of Paper.
My Life's Story.
I Will Not Leave Earth;
Without My Story.
My Story Is Personality, Effort.
My Passion.
My Lover.
I Will Never Stop Writing.
Poetry Is My Life,
My Life Is Poetry.
On A Wrinkled Surface,
Never To Be Stained..

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