Title:  .Pleasures.Must.Rot.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  Crazy, Angry, Life, Hate, Blood, Death, Cancer, Radiation, Ignore, Throb, Razors

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Radiation Is Our Core,
We Love What Kills Us.
Bask In The Sun,
Even That Can Give You Cancer.
We Leave Our Skin Sore,
With Remeberance of Past Days.
We Want To Live Life Faster,
Even If It All Ends In A Haze.
Why Must The Most Enjoyable Pleasures,
Rot Us?
What Have We Done To Deserve This Gore?
Why Must We Make Such A Big Fuss,
For Something That Doesn't Matter?
Life Might As Well Be Here To Ignore.
Life Peals Away My Skin,
I Watch My Veins Throb With Fascination..
Let Me Bleed,
God Give Me Peace..

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