Title:  .Young.Love.And.Cooties.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Love
Keywords:  Love, Romance, Beautiful, Amazing, Kiss, Missed, dearest

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Dearest, Oh How I Have Missed You,
I Have To Admit,
I Yearn To Kiss You.
Your Sweet; Your Strong.
You Know You Belong,
Unlike I.
I've Cried For Awhile On The Inside,
I've Missed Our Fingers Entwined, And
How You Asked Permission,
For Our First Kiss.
You Said "I Love You".
All I Could Reply With Was "You Too."
As My Cheeks Blushed Pink With Bliss.
You Make Me Brand New;
Something No one Else Could Do.
You Make Me At A Loss of Words,
When I Look So Deeply Into Your Eyes of Brown,
I Do Not Make A Sound.
I Feel Our Lips Meet.
A Connection Unbreakable
Overwhelms Me..
It's Finally My Turn To See,
What Real Love Is.
In Such A Gentle Kiss,
Waiting For It To End,
The Feeling In My Chest; Horrific.
And I Know,
All I'll Feel Is Sick,
Until I See You Again,
Dearest Boyfriend. <3

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