Title:  .Demons.And.Ponies.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Anger
Keywords:  Hate, Pain, Blood, Lucifer, Murder, Suicide, Death, Bow, Suffer, Depression, Lies

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Blood Thirst Is In Your Eyes,
You Suck The Demon's Spirits,
The Rotten Lies From My Lips.
I Whisper Demented Commands As You Try To
I Run Your Blood Dry,
With Every Flick of The Tongue.
I Rip A Hole In Your Conscience
As I Tear Through Your Lungs.
Bow He, Lucifer.
Your Not Needed Here,
Your Blood Is Cold,
Your Demons On Fire.
I Will No Longer Fall To You, Dear Sin.
Your A Tension Sucking Liar.
You Feast Upon My Innocence,
As I Feed Off Your Scrambled Lies.
And Now I Know,
It Should Be My Turn To Die.
I Should Have Said Goodbye,
I Should Have Choked On A Gun,
Could Have Slipped With A Knife,
While You Slowly Kill Me, Young Demon.
I Know I Have A Purpose In Life.
There Is A Reason, I'm Breathing.
Even If It's Demeaning,
I Have A Soul To Spare,
Love To Share,
And To Be Crushed On By Rampent Feet.
And One Day,
My Life Will Be Complete.
Could Be Tomorrow.
Just Know,
I'm Always Ready To Die.
With Regrets, Nor Sorrow.

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