Title:  .Sour.Patch.Kids.Are.Cannibalistic.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Memories
Keywords:  Anger, Lust, Adam and Eve, Fruit, Juice, Biblical, Blasphemy, Hate, Greed, Taste

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My Heart Can't Take Much More,
Your Cruel Blasphemy.
I'm Not Your Forbidden Fruit,
of Memory.
Your Pleased To Sink Your Teeth Into My Flesh,
To Slurp My Juices,
To Take Part of Me.
This Is Not The End of Me.
Your Greedy,
Your Selfish.
But So Am I, But I'm Scared of You.
And You're Scared of Me,
What I Chose To Be,
I Bare No Fruit of Pleasure.
My Branches Are Dead,
My Leaves, Left For Decay.
My Beauty Was Stripped Away Before It Even Became.
Laugh My Day Away,
And Sacrifice My Feeling For All Over Numbness.
It Was Great To Meet You,
Before I Met You..

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