Title:  .Makeup.Stains.

Author:   JozzyC
Category:   Free Verse
Keywords:  Life, Perfect, World, Happy, Admiration, Surrender

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Full On Surrender.
I Have Nothing To Say,
Except Everything.
I Don't Know How Many Tears I've Cried,
To Get You Too See
My Other Side.
(The One That Hates Itself Bitterly)
Makeup Can Cover Plenty of Flaws,
But Who Can Seek What's Beneath The Eyes?
It's Just About As Easy To Cover Up The Lies..
The "Perfects" Walk Along Us..
The World Revolves Around Them..
I Don't Need To Be Rich To Be Happy..
I Don't Need A Perfect Smile, Face, Or Body..
All I Need Is Your Forgiveness,
Your Admiration..
All I Need Is You..

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